The Chapel's 'upturned' Southwest face admits lovely natural light through randomly placed windows. Completed December, 2004

The Chapel at Judean Memorial Gardens hosted its first memorial service on Friday, February 4, 2005. Since that time, usage has steadily increased as client families discover its features, and inherent benefits.

The new chapel's design contrasts natural textures, and tones in a contemporary, yet elegant statement. Inside, the liberal use of wood, fibres and earth tones create a warmth and intimacy that glow and resonate through an "infinite" spaciousness suggested by the high ceiling. It has already won a design award!

Below-left: The chapel's 30+ foot ceiling creates a wonderful spaciousness - enhanced by shafts of natural light entering through randomly-placed windows on the South wall. The two rows of pews seat approximately 160 adults.

Below-right: A Family Room provides comfort and privacy for consultations and other needs.

Our new chapel's  contemporary design features natural tones and materials, diverse lighting and a spacious, vaulted ceiling.The Family Room provides comfort and privacy

Below: Ample parking is provided near to the chapel entrance, including sheltered, drive-thru access, ramp, and other amenities for the handicapped. Center: the chapel includes a public address system. (also keyboard, and CD player)

Nearby Chapel parking facilities include drive-thru access, ramp and disabled spaces.Thoughtful attention is provided for access and comfort throughout the facility.