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Care and Maintenance at Judean Memorial Gardens

Spanning approximately 21 acres, Judean Memorial Gardens includes several hundred trees, plus shrubbery, gardens, walkways, statuary, hundreds of memorial benches, and thousands of flat bronze memorials - all of which require regular maintenance (mowing, weeding, mulching, trimming, leveling, and so on). It's a big job -- that is regularly challenged by random factors, including: 1) the weather, and 2) memorial services diverting labor. Additionally, many tasks cannot be performed when the grounds are wet, frozen; or when a service is in progress nearby. To cope with these challenges, Maintenance must carefully husband it's human resources, and use the seasonal "windows of opportunity" that present for maximum effect. For example: to have all new/recent burials seeded, prepared, and ready to take full advantage of the brief (mid-spring, mid-autumn) growing seasons of our mid-Atlantic location; and to perform other tasks during the "low growth seasons" (eg: repairs, releveling, roadways, new projects, etc.)

Cemetery Maintenance Challenges, and Solutions

Maintenance cannot supplement its work crews with untrained "day labor" and risk damage to expensive memorials. Nor can we dismiss half of our trained crew members during the less intensive seasons (summer/winter). Tasks including raising sunken graves and markers, mulching trees & gardens, trimming around memorials, all must be carefully scheduled, to make the best use of available resources and timing opportunities. For this reason, at times a client may observe something that appears as "neglect" (weeds under a tree, grass overgrowing a marker, a tilted marker with mud washed over it, etc.) Many tasks such as these are addressed - categorically (in groups, "batched") when the optimal time arrives -- however -- should you observe a problem affecting your property, or one you feel represents a threat to safety (eg: a hole, fallen limb, etc.) we encourage you to report the trouble, as described blow, to receive more prompt action.

Request Service for your Memorial Estate

Telephoning the cemetery or approaching a crew member on the grounds is not the best way to make sure your issue receives attention. Verbal requests can be jeopardized by stress, distraction, and subject to misinterpretation and other communication problems. Moreover, our administration has a system in place to receive, track and respond to properly submitted requests. We encourage those with issues to visit our offices and submit a Maintenance Request. The receptionist will complete the written Request Form in accordance with your stated complaint. The request will then be logged into our database, and routed directly to the Maintenance Department, where it will be addressed, and a response provided that includes an explanation for what was observed, and/or a statement of the work done to correct a problem. In order to ensure that your issue is addressed, you must submit it at the cemetery office in the manner described above, so that it can be properly documented and forwarded to the Supervisor.

Judean is a "Perpetual Care Cemetery."

Thanks to past Maryland State regulatory initiatives, all regulated Maryland cemeteries are required to maintain a "perpetual care" trust. The regulation (Title 5) was designed to ensure that funds will be available to provide for the long-term care and maintenance of the cemetery -- at a future time when the cemetery's income earning potential has been exhausted (i.e. the land sold, all interments completed and memorialised).

How it works: a portion of every site (land) sale must be placed into a trust account, where it remains in perpetuity, earning interest. The income produced by the trust can (only) be used to maintain the cemetery grounds, however the corpus of the trust must remain untouched.

What it means for you, the Judean property owner: having complied with this regulation since its inception, the cemetery currently possesses a substantial trust, which, (based on our inventory and sales projections) should continue growing it's corpus for many years. Additionally, income from land sales, and/or burial fees should help offset maintenance costs, well into the 2nd half of the century. It all "adds up" to confidence -- that your cemetery will remain beautifully maintained, "in perpetuity."

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